Post-Doctoral and Post-Degree Fee-For-Service Positions

The Karen Horney Clinic is pleased to offer fee-for-service positions, which include optional two-year post-degree training in psychodynamic psychotherapy consisting of individual and group supervision as well as psychodynamically oriented classes at no charge. We are looking for therapists aligned with the Clinic’s mission to offer long-term low-cost psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic services to individuals from all backgrounds.

We primarily serve an adult population; however opportunities for child and adolescent work may be available. A minimum of fifteen 45-minute sessions per week is required, with the option of seeing up to 34 patients. The Clinic is open from 9am till 9pm Monday-Friday and 9am – 5pm Saturday and Sunday. Sessions can be scheduled at your convenience during non-educational hours. One evening until 8pm is required each week. Sessions are currently being held both in-person and via telehealth.

We are an OMH certified clinic; therefore hours are countable towards licensure. Applicants may apply by emailing a cover letter and Curriculum Vitae to Dr. Craig Fuller, Assistant Executive Director of the Karen Horney Clinic, at