Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?
If you are an adult who wishes to make an intake appointment, please contact the Intake Coordinator at 212-838-4333 ext. 137. After a brief phone screen, the Intake Coordinator will determine whether or not the clinic has the appropriate services to meet your needs. If the clinic does not provide the services you need, the Intake Coordinator will suggest alternatives.

If you would like to make an appointment for your child under the age of 18, please contact 212-838-4333 ext. 125.

What services do you offer?
We provide individual psychodynamic psychotherapy,psychoanalysis, counseling, supportive therapy, and medication management. Please see our Therapy page for more information.

Do you provide substance abuse counseling?
Once a patient’s substance abuse is under control to the point of participating in psychotherapy treatment at the Karen Horney Clinic can begin.

Do you do CBT or DBT?
The Karen Horney clinic does not provide CBT or DBT.

What is the frequency of therapy sessions?
Therapy at the Clinic can vary from one to three sessions a week.

What if I only want short term therapy?
The Karen Horney Clinic does not offer brief, short-term therapeutic services. Psychodynamic psychotherapy is indicated for patients who are seeking long-term talk therapy. 

Do you do trauma counseling?
All clinic therapists are experienced andproficient in treating trauma.

 What  degrees do the therapists have?
The Karen Horney Clinic employs licensed psychologists (Ph.D., Psy.D.), Social Workers (LMSW, LCSW), Mental Health Counselors (MHC), and Psychiatrists (M.D.).

What are your hours?
The Karen Horney Clinic is open from 9 AM to 9 PM Monday through Friday.

Adult Intake appointments are scheduledby appointment. Please contact the Intake Coordinator at at 212-838-4333 ext. 137 for additional information or to schedule an appointment.

Child Intake appointments are scheduled according to availability. Please contact 212-838-4333 ext. 125 for further information or to schedule a Child Intake appointment. 

Can I email an appointment request?
Referrals and appointments cannot be made via email. In order to schedule an appointment you must first have a phone screen with the Intake Coordinator. 

What is the referral process?
If you are a provider and would like to refer a patient, please first review the website to ensure that the Karen Horney Clinic provides the appropriate services. The patient must contact the Intake Coordinator directly in order to complete a phone screen and to schedule an Intake appointment. Please make sure that your patient can verbalize why he or she is seeking treatment and provide some of his or her relevant history. If your patient intends to use insurance, please advise your patient that he or she must have his or her insurance information readily available when calling in order to make an appointment.

Completing an Intake is not a guarantee of admission to the clinic. Once an Intake is completed, the Admissions Committee reviews the chart to determine whether the clinic can provide the appropriate level of service for that individual. If not, the patient will be referred to other services. The Karen Horney Clinic does not schedule appointments for patients with other agencies.. 

What if I already have a psychiatrist?
While we highly recommend that your medication management be transferred to our clinic in order to ensure the highest level of coordinated care, if you already receive medication from a psychiatrist, you will not be required to see our staff psychiatrist.

What will my copay be?
It is the patient’s responsibility to know and understand his or her insurance benefits, including any required authorizations, co-insurance, copayment, deductible or spend down. During the phone screen, the Intake Coordinator will verify the patient’s benefits and will remind the patient of any responsibility of payment.

What if I don’t have insurance?
The Karen Horney Clinic is dedicated to providing premier mental health services to patients, regardless of their income. Patients without insurance pay $75 for the initial Intake appointment. During this process, a budget worksheet is completed so that the Admissions Committee can determine a sliding scale fee for ongoing therapy.

Who do I contact if I am a current patient and have a billing related question?
Please discuss billing questions with your therapist. In addition, you can contact our Biller at 212-838-4333 Ext 132 or via email email

What are important notices and rights I should know about?
Please see our Privacy Notice, the Patient’s Bill Of Rights, and our Cancellation and Missed Session Policy.

How long are the appointments?
Appointments are 45 minutes long.