Henry Paul, MD – Executive Director
Craig Fuller, PhD – Associate Executive Director
Manjulika Chatterjee – Assistant to the Executive Director
Joanna Merren – Fiscal Officer
Farzana Momtaz – Billing Administrative Assistant
Jedediah Jennings – Administrative Assistant
Amalia Antonsanti – Front Desk Staff

Asher Arnold, MSW
Pauline Bernard, LMSW
Liudmila Bakhmat, LMSW
Andrew DeFeo, LMSW
Claudia Donofrio, MSW
Meredith Dietrich, LMSW
Meg Fitts, LCSW
Craig Fuller, PhD
Gabriella Griffith, MHC
Adrienne Hoffman, LMSW
Jedediah Jennings, MSW
D’Arcy King, PhD
Kara Krauze, LMSW
Shoshana Linzer, PsyD
Melissa Martin, NYS-LQP
Evan Newman, MHC
Brittany Pinto, LMSW
Rebecca Rivera, LCSW, PhD
Joseph Robson, MHC
Josh Sarraf, LMHC
Conor Shanahan, PhD
Morgan Spatola, MHC
Barış Unsal-Riley, MA, MHC-LP
Christopher Villani, LMHC
Gordon Whitaker, LCSW
Yueshen Wang, LMHC
Orin Willner, LCSW

Henry Paul, MD

Craig Fuller, PhD
Jonathan Kurfirst, PhD
Henry Paul, MD
Laura Rabhan, LCSW
Rebecca Rivera, LCSW, PhD
Ken Winarick, PhD