Karen Horney Clinic’s Post-Degree Training Program for Post-Doctoral and Social Work Fellows

The Karen Horney Clinic is pleased to offer a two-year half-time post-doctoral (Ph.D, Psy.D.) and post-degree (LMSW, LCSW) fellowship program in psychodynamic psychotherapy beginning September. Fellows receive individual and group supervision as well as psychodynamically oriented classes, which take place Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons. A minimum of 12 patient sessions per week is required; including one evening until 8:30pm. The Clinic is open from 9am till 9pm and sessions can be scheduled at your convenience during non-educational hours.

Given that we are an OMH certified clinic fellowship hours are countable towards licensure. This is a fee-for-service position with no additional benefits. A 2-year commitment, at minimum, is required. This is primarily an adult-orientated program; however some opportunities for child and adolescent work may be available.

Please see our 2014/2015 training schedule below. The fellowship includes weekly individual supervision, 1 group supervision, 1 trauma-focused group supervision, Staff Meeting/Horney Class, Journal Club/Case Conference, and the option of joining a Horney Group Supervision:

  • Tuesday 12pm-1pm: Group Supervision – 1st year fellows
  • Tuesday 1-2pm: Trauma Group
  • Tuesday 2-3pm: Group Supervision – 2nd year+ fellows
  • Wednesday 11am-12pm: Trauma Group
  • Wednesday 12-1pm: Staff Meeting / Horney Class (alternating weeks)
  • Thursday 1:15-2:15pm: Horneyan Group Supervision (optional, but recommended)
  • Friday 9:15-10am: Group Supervision
  • Friday 10-11:15am: Horney’s Mature Theory Class (2nd year+ fellows)
  • Friday 10:15-11am: Group Supervision
  • Friday 11:30am-1pm: Journal Club / Case Conference

* American Institute for Psychoanalysis Scientific Meetings, where therapists and authors provide presentations on a range of topics, generally take place monthly Thursday evenings – optional, but recommended.

For additional information on the fellowship program or to apply please contact Dr. Craig Fuller (; 212-838-4333 x 159). Applicants should email Dr. Fuller a curriculum vitae. Applications will be considered until all positions are filled.