Getting Started

If you would like to apply for treatment at our clinic please call 212-838-4333,ext. 137 to schedule an intake appointment. Individuals may contact the Clinic on their own or may be referred by family members, doctors, and other health professionals, schools, or social and health agencies.

Our admission process begins with a phone screen conducted by our Intake Coordinator. An initial interview is then scheduled. Subsequently, an Adult Services Application or Child and Adolescent Services Application (for those younger than 18 years of age) is completed. This is followed by the initial interview that generally takes place with our Intake Coordinator. The initial interview is often a one-on-one interview with the applicant, but if appropriate, family members and other important people in the applicant’s life may be included. Applicants receive a thorough mental health evaluation, including a psycho-social history, psychiatric interview and/or psychological evaluation, if necessary.

After the initial interview each case is reviewed by the Admissions Committee to determine whether therapy at the Clinic would be beneficial. Patients are then generally assigned to therapists within a few days. Most patients are assigned to some form of individual treatment including counseling, supportive psychotherapy, psychoanalytic therapy or psychoanalysis. Psychopharmacological therapy is also available for patients receiving psychotherapy. Each individual’s treatment is characterized by an intensely personalized approach, greatly increasing the probability of successful results.